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Quick Start:


Your schedule administrator will provide you with a login and password.

What's New?

A list of all features.

How do I trade a shift?

Click on the shift you want to give (one of your shifts) or take (someone else's shift) and follow the instructions.

Click on any shift you own to:

Home Page:

Home Screen

1) Core Schedule Logo: click here to return to this page from any screen

2) Provide any feedback or report problems

3) To highlight 1 or more users in different colors

4) Use to change the default view dates and areas. If you are logged in your options are saved and used when you return.

5) Schedule Options

6) Contact Options

7) User Options

8) Logout

9) People currently working are in red

10) Your shifts are highlighted by default

11) Current day in blue

Schedule Options

Core Schedule- returns to the home page

Individual Schedule- schedule that just contains your shifts

Subscriptions- subscribe to your schedule via ical / smart phone / other calendar program

Trades- start or manage pending trades

Contact Options

Directory- user contact directory

Group Email- set up a group email

Contact Core Schedule- contact us with any questions, suggestions, or comments

User Options

User Profile- set up your contact information, email, and new login password

Schedule Request- (not available in all accounts) submit any schedule preferences, shift and vacation requests

Template Request- (not available in all accounts) request a work template

User Features

Main Schedule: